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Bullfrog Valley Militaria
Check out Ken Fleck's website that updates every Tuesday night. Great guy with a great website!

College Hill Arsenal
Tim Prince from Nashville, TN has put a wonderful website together that is updated quite frequently. This guy puts a lot of detail in his offerings and is always willing to help you with your collecting interests. I cannot say enough about this guy. Always smiling and always happy. Check out the website and have some fun!

Check out Cliff Sophia's website as well as his shop located in Upperville, VA. This guy has it all from Revolutionary War through WWII. Let this be your first stop on the way through VA. You will not be disappointed!

GrayCat Systems
Okay guys and gals. This is where website design for small to medium size businesses of our nature comes to life. After attempts to use other designers and yes, even my own attempt to create a website, I finally saw the light. Carson Jenkins is the "Man". Check out his website by using the link provided or just clicking on the copyright information for graycatsystems on my web pages.

IMCS Militaria
Check out my good friend from the Netherlands website. Mark van Thiel is a professional in all aspects. Courteous and reliable. Simply the best.

Italian War Front
Check out this great site that my friend Giorgio Spadaro has put together. Giorgio is an avid helmet collector and honest seller. Great virtual museum on line of some rare helmets.

MP Fine Art and Paper Conservation
Maria Pukownik has over thirty-three years of experience in conservation of fine art and paper. Maria specializes in works of art on paper, and is also extensively trained and experienced in the complete treatment of paintings. She is also skilled in cleaning, seamless paper repairs, reconstructions, and painting in all traditional techniques, book repair and bookbinding.

Informational website on fact versus myth when it comes to firearms statistics. Time to get educated in this politically loaded media world we live in. Support your Second Amendment Rights!

Ohio Valley Military Society
This is without a doubt one of the oldest and largest military collecting organizations in the world. Sponsoring three shows a year; it's largest the Show of Shows (SOS). Check them out and become a member of one of the largest and best organizations in the world.

Ontario Mall Antiques
Check out one of the largest antique malls in upstate New York. Conveniently located off interstate 90.

Spicer Art Conservation, L.L.C.
Spicer Art Conservation, L.L.C. has been caring for collections from museums, historical societies, state agencies, businesses and private owners since 1995. Gwen Spicer is a trained object, textile and upholstery conservator. The focus of Spicer Art is to distinguish long-term collection care and preservation of artifacts.

The "Original Baltimore" Antique Arms Show
Maryland Arms Collectors Association puts on an outstanding show every year in March. This is truly the "Crown Jewel" of shows. This show provides a unique opportunity into the past. Many of the items offered for sale and/or display are seldom seen elsewhere. This is definitely a show worth attending.

The Picket Post
If your looking for some great antiques and Revolutionay War through Civil War collectibles check out proprietors Tim Garrett and Bill Henderson at The Picket Post. Long time southern friends who appreciate a good laugh every now and than from an upstate Yankee.

The Southern & Confederate Information Center
Mr. Lenzini has put forth a website that dispels the inaccuracies surrounding Southern heritage and the Confederate States of America. Hopefully this will help dispel the rhetoric of the 21st century three stooges. If you intend to rewrite history, than this website is not for you. If you really want to understand how it was, enjoy the read. Please do not forget to check out American Thunder Antiquities. Mr. Lenzini has a nice inventory of items for sale.

Vintage Productions
Bob Chat has put together a great website with military collectibles and vintage clothing. Bob is also a West Coast show promoter. Check out this website for some very interesting items.