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War of 1812 US Light Dragoons Hat Plate
Item #: YTR534
War of 1812 US Light Dragoons Hat Plate War of 1812 US Light Dragoons Hat Plate
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War of 1812 US Light Dragoons Hat Plate.  This hat plate was acquired from the James Anderson collection which contained over 1500 Virginia artifacts.  Reportedly excavated when the George Washington Masonic National Memorial was being built in 1932 on top of Shooter's (or Shuler's) hill on the west side of the old town area of the City of Alexandria.  The hat plate is made of pewter and measures 3 3/4 inches x 2 3/4 inches with a 1 7/8 inches long x 1 5/8 inches high mounted dragoon on horse with a raised saber in relief on the face.  On each side of the hat plate there are a pair of very small holes where it was sewn or attached to the hat.  

The US Light Dragoons hat plate is believed to be from Thornton's Alexandria Dragoons who severed as escort for Secretary Monroe and President Madison during the British sacking of Washington in August of 1814.  After the British burned Washington, Captain Thornton and his dragoons were ordered to Alexandria where they encamped on top of Shooter's Hill, a high hill west of the city where the Masonic Temple now sits.  There they were to observe the British landing and sacking of Alexandria.

Very good condition with some great history.  Only if the hat plate could talk!

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